Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Henry is 20 months old

I'm a few days late writing this, but Henry is 20 months old now! Seriously still amazes me every time I think of how old he is, since two years seems to be approaching pretty quickly! This past month Henry has become extra helpful...he loves being able to help you do things, or accomplish little tasks himself. Which is really quite adorable, and makes me think that he's going to be an awesome big brother! He likes to throw trash away for you, close doors and cabinets, carry groceries for you, unload the dishwasher, etc etc. Every time he goes to one of my doctors appointments with me he will walk around the office and close all the doors.

I've also realized just how mechanically-minded he is this past month. I've always known he has been, but it's fun to see how fast he learns and how he loves to figure out new concepts. Lately he has been really into buckles, and likes to be able to buckle himself into his highchair/carseat (I usually let him do one strap and then help with the rest). He also thinks he knows how to operate the tv, and will often try to turn on Elmo himself. And yes, his obsession with Elmo (particularly Elmo the Musical) is still going strong. The other day we were walking around the store and found a small stuffed Elmo... it was the cutest thing ever!! He kept hugging him and kissing him for the entire rest of the morning.

We are still working on manners, and enforcing please and thank you, but it's coming along a bit slower than I'd like. Any advice? He has a pretty great vocabulary, and knows new words all the time. And I know that he knows what please and thank you mean... he's just a little stinker about actually using them.

Here's the usual picture explosion:

we finally got a baby pool. Henry loves it.

Henry tried chocolate milk for the first time. Huge success.

We got Henry his first coloring book: Elmo of course!

Henry and I checked out a local donut shop. It was delish.

we found some street art.

Henry gets entranced when watching Elmo...

we met a goat (our friends got one)

puzzles at the library

showing Scruffy the dog how to show off your muscles
We love you Henry! I am really trying to cherish the rest of the time I have with just Henry before another kiddo gets thrown into the mix. This boy is so cute though, and so sweet. I just know he'll be a great big brother (and if he isn't, we'll just make him sleep in the cat bed ;).

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