Sunday, October 20, 2013

21 months old...a little late!

So...Henry is 22 months now. But we've been a little busy around here. I'll try and capture his 21st month first, then the next post will be 22 months! Whoops..

Henry is truly my little buddy. So much so that I was really worried for when George would arrive. I would go on daily walks and Henry always behaved so well in his stroller. I'd point out flowers and he would point at helicopters. His vocabulary has been growing almost every day, and his comprehension surprises me all the time. He started saying "truck" and loves to play with trucks and cars. There was a lot of rain during this month, and Henry loved going outside and playing in it. He's definitely a water baby!!

And of course, the pictures:

trying out the baby swing

making sure his old car seat still works ;)

Josh recovering from lasik with his buddy

he rocked the Macklemore look with a new haircut

playing in the rain
more playing in the rain :)
My mom came into town to help out around the house, and hopefully be present for George's birth. It was great to have her, and of course she spoiled Henry. And it ended up that she was able to be there for George's arrival (yay!).

being an artist with Grammy
train table at Barnes & Noble

 When George was born, we got help from my mother who was in town, and from our friends Ryan and Natalie (thanks you guys!!). So while I was laboring and soothing a newborn, Henry was having a ball with his friends. When Henry visited George in the hospital he was uninterested to the point of pushing George away. But after we brought George home, Henry warmed right up and loved his new baby.

giving the baby love
 The weekend after George was born, Mimi and Bear came to visit. They of course brought tons of toys and kept Henry well entertained. He was pretty sad to see them go.

Henry got a new water table from Mimi and Bear :)

trying to leave with Bear
Overall, we had a fun month. Before George came I tried to really savor my days with just Henry--since I knew it would be a big adjustment for everyone once the baby came. So we played a lot and had some fun quality time. Once George came home with us, Henry has been very sweet and we are so thankful! He is a great big brother :)

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