Sunday, June 23, 2013

Henry is 18 months old!

Sorry I haven't posted in a while, me and Henry have been really busy! In the past few weeks we've been to Arizona, and then all over Utah county. Thank goodness Henry is such a champ in the car :) He's been my little driving buddy on quite a few road trips now!

Henry's vocabulary has been growing, and he'll often say words I didn't even know that he knew! The other day he surprised me with "book" as he pointed to a book he wanted in the car. Of course I was super proud of him! He is also pretty good at mimicking words, and can say quite a few that way (he likes to mimic "gross" a lot, but I don't think he knows what it means on its own).

Henry is still a climbing machine. He's basically a gymnast. Maybe that's what he'll be when he grows up, who knows. He loves to go on walks in his stroller or wagon. He completely just chills out and takes everything in about his surroundings. It's actually pretty cute. And sometimes when he's super whiny, it's actually quite handy! Ha!

We went to the pediatrician for his 18 month appointment this past week. It was our last time seeing our pediatrician (Dr. Sarah Ashby, at UV Pediatrics--she's amazing!!) in American Fork. We love her so much that I've made the drive for his past two appointments. However, with George on the way we'll finally have to find a local pediatrician (booo). Dr. Ashby was very pleased with Henry's growth/development. And because he knows more than 20 words and can string two words together (like "hi kitty") he's "advanced". She probably tells everyone that, but it's still always nice to hear ;) Here are his stats:

Weight: 24.5 lbs -- 55%
Length: 32.5 in -- 53%
Head Circumference: 19.25 in -- 87%

So, as usual, he's pretty normal with a huge head. Although everyone comments that Henry looks kind of big for his age, so maybe there are just a lot of fatties out there that effect the percentiles?? Who knows ;)

And now, pictures from the last month:

gymnast in action

at the park!

this little smarty pants will climb onto the chair and pick out a book all by himself

first time skateboarding, with our friend Ryan

on the swings with his girlfriend Amelia

we went to a friends wedding and there was an amazing balloon outside

deep in thought

"hiiii kitty!" ... unrequited love still...

making faces, our favorite

we've grown his hair out into a pretty killer mohawk :)
cheesin himself in the mirror at his checkup
Henry has been sick this past week so he's been extra whiny, so that hasn't been super fun for anyone (mostly him, poor kiddo!). Otherwise he really is a lot of fun, and such a cute kid. We love you Henny Benny!!!!

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