Monday, July 15, 2013

19 months old

Another month older today! Henry is now 19 months old :) Unfortunately this past month was filled with a fair amount of sickness for him, but he's a tough kid and handled it like a champ. It started off as a cold right before his Doctors appointment last month. I was worried it might have been an ear infection so the doctor told me to watch it for a few days and call back if it wasn't better. It didn't get better so we started him on antibiotics. After 6 days on antibiotics, and a still-very-grouchy-toddler, Henry had a fever. I thought that was bizarre so I ended up taking him into see a pediatrician (found a new one where we live now, at least that's crossed off my list!). On almost a whim the doctor gave him a strep test, and it came back positive. Which is weird on multiple accounts because usually kids under 2 don't get strep, and he had already been on an antibiotic. So we switched antibiotics and after a few days we had our sweet, happy boy back. Poor kid!!

His knowledge continues to amaze me. He'll often say words (correctly!) that I didn't even know he knew. He can throw away trash now in the trash can, and actually enjoys doing it on command (score for lazy parents!). He's king of the playground and often wants to go down the highest slides (which still makes me nervous so I inevitably end up going down the slide with him, or steering him towards a smaller one!). There's a few different parks in Cedar that we frequent, and he loves all of them. His love for animals is still going strong, even though Jay-Z has made him a bit more cautious around felines... ;) And he LOVES to watch videos of himself. Instagram (a photo app) came out with videos, so sometimes I'll take little snippets of him, and he will hit play over and over until I have to tell him we're finished.

The biggest transition that's happened in the last week or so is the switch to a toddler bed. Because George will be here before we all know it, he decided to set up a toddler bed for Henry so he can get used to it. It still takes him a while to go to sleep at night, since all his toys in his room are so enticing. But he's done surprisingly really well! Usually during his naps he will pass right out. It's been such a smooth transition, thankfully! (Knock on wood!)

he loves this car

he found the last mini donut, and i let him eat it as a special treat.  his mind exploded. 

enjoying a little Elmo the Musical

his first taste of fried dough at a local music festival called Groovefest

this kid LOVES water. at lakes/ponds he is still hesitant until he figures it out, but otherwise he is ALL about it!

first visit to McDonalds for breakfast...yum!

he thinks every baby toy is his. we're trying to keep him from becoming a toy bully...!

not so sure about the toddler bed..

my little cheese-ball

petting a chicken at our friends house

chicken coop photo op!

playground adventures

first nap in his toddler bed and he actually fell asleep right in the bed!
cutest kid on the block

he started TP-ing under the sink, and he was having so much fun I just let him do it
like I said, we run all the playgrounds in town ;) 
I probably have about 200 pictures of him on playgrounds! One of these days maybe I'll gather a bunch together and do a big playground post. :) Happy 19 months Henry! We love you!

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l i z said...

happy 19 months, adorable little man!
(Maisie turned 19 months the day after Remy was born!) anyway...

LOVE all the pics! he's got ridiculous style (thanks to his mommy).

can't wait for Georgie-porgie to join your little entourage. :)